Jana Harrison

Essentially the human equivalent of a labrador. Blonde, clumsy, sometimes hyperactive, sometimes can sleep for days, your best friend if you have food and into absolutely everything.

At heart I’m a bike nut, as at home on a carbon roadie as I am on a mountain bike (just with more scars). I love wild-camping which I’m still gaining confidence in, and it turns out I’m a control freak navigator. Always have to be the one holding the map.


I’ve always had a passion for supporting and teaching others, but am acutely aware of my own learning curve. This inspired me to achieve a personal training qualification in 2015, which not only helped me grow but stoked a deep-rooted fire for getting women into cycling, and giving them the tools and the confidence to explore the outdoors fearlessly.

I dragged my body back to fitness following a road bike crash in August 2016, in readiness for a self-supported speed-cycling attempt of John O’Groats to Lands End in April 2017. It tested my ability to dedicatedly sit and plan something seriously (and just to sit still, actually) plus I never realised how much of a kit geek I am… Garmin GPX files! Tyre choices! Aerodynamic socks! Heavenly.

I completed the ride in 7 days in a combined 65 hours ride time, which has left me questioning how much faster I could do this with a support crew. It’s also confirmed my confidence in my ability to stretch myself further and begin planning a supported attempt to speed-cycle North-South Europe, possibly in 2019.

Aside from this I’ll be spending most weekends outside on an array of canal towpaths, forest trails, walking networks and doing some late night urban exploration. I’m happy as long as it involves any combination of fresh air, mud, wheels, a good down jacket and industrial strength coffee somewhere along the way.

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